Pilot testing starts in April 2021

Photo: Alexander Limbach/ Adobe Stock 

In the last quarter of 2020, we finished the development of the didactic material. In the next step the educational community (teachers, students and experts in BIM, habitat design, education, etc.) is invited to participate in the pilot testing. During the pilot test, the contents of the joint curriculum and didactic materials will be assessed within the eLearning platform. This action will enable the partnership to revise the didactic materials and eLearning platform functionalities. 

The partners from UKIM are finalizing the necessary features of the eLearning platform. The core features are already developed and are in the final stage of internal testing. Since the core features are already prepared, the partners from UKIM have started filling in the platform with the didactic content for the curriculum and are finalizing the look and feel of the platform and of the course itself. The final preparations are being performed and the platform is ready for the pilot test. 

The developers of alfatraining are completing the technical description of the application programming interface (API) for the integration of alfaview into the ESSENSE platform. The technical description outlines the individual steps during the pilot testing. The individual roles of all platform actors, such as Admin, Lecturer, Student and Guest, will be tested extensively. Furthermore, the administration, e.g., course registration, course management and delivery of the course content, will be tested in a live setting.

Please participate at the pilot tests now and contact Carlos González(CETEM) and Lucía Gonzáles (ageinglab) when you are from Spain. In Slovenia: Dean Lipovac (UP), in North Macedonia: Petre Lameski (UKIM). In Germany: Janine Altmann (buildingSMART Germany). 

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